Sunday, March 23, 2014

ambition birds

You just need: newspaper, tape and scissors
to make the cloud
Yesterday was a very interesting day for me in SK Jalan Selangor 1. It is while since I have done direct teaching with pupils in primary schools. I was given a chance by Teacher Jothi (English teacher) to handle an hour long class.

I shared with the kids some experiences that I have had since my schooling time, undergraduate, working and post graduate life with them. My aim was to motivate them and let them dream big. The kids in this school mainly come from lower economic backgrounds - same as me. So, I share the same experience that they have...

At the end of the lesson, I prepared a simple activity for them. I called it "ambition birds'. I prepared a cloud, made from recycled newspaper. I chose recycled materials as I prefer things to look like 'nothing' but doing 'something' rather than to look like 'something' but doing 'nothing', to encourage people that sometimes amazing teaching materials do not have to be expensive. It only took me 2 to 3 minutes to prepare the cloud. I used an English newspaper because I wanted to relate with the lesson that I taught. Later, when the kids done with activity, they can hang it in their classroom and when they look at to the cloud, there are English words on it that they can view and read! 

it's ready!
I pasted the cloud in front of the class and told the kids that the cloud is now empty and we are going to fill it with the ambition birds. I showed the kids a simple way to draw a bird, write down their name, ambition and dream, colour it and cut it out. Then, we all pasted the bird on the cloud.!

The kids were really excited and happy to share their ambitions and dream. Let's all dream big because dreaming is the first step to making something great happen!!! Yeahhh!!!

PS: egh...I think I dream too much sometimes...ahahaha

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