Friday, March 28, 2014

Word Mania Grand Finals #MYWordMania

Today, I have been involved in organising a national event called Word Mania Grand Finals. It was my first event since working in a new place as a consultant. It was such a great event!

Even though my involvement was just a little  (ushering the guests), to be involved in an event with such very positive energy was something I have been looking forward to. This event reminds me of why I decided to take a different step in my education career path.

I know not everyone understand this, but I kind of pictured what was happening today in my mind already a long time ago... Before, I was experiencing it as a participant. Today, I was involved in organising such a cool and great event! Wah!

To see the kids participating in the Word Mania challenge and giving their best, to see teachers and parents involved in and very determined for education of their children and to see a great team working together to achieve success, was such an inspiring experience for me!

Check the event details in here and get more info about Frogstore and Literacy Planet! Cool!

PS: How amazing to witness the ability of some kids to spell such long, complicated English words! (I wonder sometrimes how ther do that) ahaha

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