Thursday, April 03, 2014

Feeling settled

I have found that feeling settled is really important. What I mean by settled here not just about being environmentally settled when you move to a new place, but also being socially settled.

I think that people can only perform well when they feel settled where they are and who they are dealing with. It's very different when you meet a new person, for example, for just a moment when you present something, compared with when you meet a person and know that you will be with them longer such as when working with them. These are two very different circumstances.

A person can be very confident to give new ideas once they feel settled. They can come up with good reasoning and also clear answers when they been asked by anyone that doubt with their ideas. Settled means feeling comfortable to share new ideas and opinion. This is similar to children in school. I still remember teaching year 1 class where the kids are in their first year of schooling. In the beginning month, some of the kids were very shy. It took some time for them to feel settled and confident to give responses. There were some kids who settled straight away on the first day; at the same time there were kids who took more time...even to the end of year. I think all teachers can relate to this.

That was an example from children and I do believe that it is similar with adults in some sort of way. Not everything, but we are human beings and, whether we like it or not, we act similarly to children in certain ways (I hope this is not too complicated to understand)

Allow people time to feel settled. Allow people time to feel confident. You do not have to push. The more you push, the more you push people far away from what you want them to achieve.

PS: Keep trying...!!! ;)

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