Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My lesson plan now is bigger than before!!!

I am always a teacher. That is how I look at myself. Even though some people criticise my action to start a new career but I am always passionate about education. The term teacher is mostly used when someone formally teachers in schools. But I think we, human beings are always teachers. We teach each other; we learn from each other.

I think that my lesson plan now is bigger than before. Before, I planned a lesson for a class, but now my lesson plan takes more time, space and audience. In the class that I taught before, I planned and allocated the time and carried out for an hour for example. Now, I plan what to do but I am not sure how long till it finish. Probably, at the moment I am still in the preparatory session. Everything I am doing now is just an introduction for the lesson I prepared. It's bigger, so it's hard to measure.

Deep inside me, teaching is always big part of me. I enjoy teaching and enjoy discovering new knowledge. Especially the experience from teaching primary school children, there are so much to learn from them. I love making them excited and happy.

I am glad that at the moment I am working very closely with a school in Petaling Jaya. We are trying to use virtual learning environment to enhance the learning and achieve better understanding for their education.

PS: jump! hop! leap! Has your school started to Frog?

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