Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feeling like a butterfly

So after more than 10 days now, my thigh is healing and the wound has dried fully. The old skin has started to fall off and change to the new skin. I can walk better now and it does not hurt me anymore. Ahhh...what a good feeling to be back walking with my 'healthy' legs. Sometimes we start to feel grateful when an accident happened and we appreciate what we have.

I am so happy that my leg is already fine now. Thinking about this experience, it makes me feel like a  butterfly. The wound makes me feel like I was in the cacoon and now that it has fully dried, I'm ready to fly! Higher this time! (I hope so). I felt a bit sad before. The accident happened during my first few days in my new job... But now, I definitely feel better. Ready to learn new stuff and ready to explore new working environment.

It's good to be involved with schools and see what I can do to help and support. but at the moment, I am still learning to see things the other way around. Before, I was in the system and now i am looking from the other angle. Exciting much? Let's wait and see

PS: Exploring Chromebook

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