Tuesday, March 04, 2014

materials matter most to you?

It is so weird that sometimes people react negatively to positive energy. Feeling threaten probably? It is so weird that sometimes people tend to underestimate something straight away just because of the way it looks. Is the world today made of appearances only? So, if you are not up to a certain level and don't look the same way as people around you, then you are not good enough? So sad to be in the world where materials matter most.

In the education world, especially being a teacher, this attitude is overrated. Or else, pity the children; the students. They can never be able to develop their confidence or feel appreciated if the teacher judges them in favour of materialism or appearance. What matters most should be the individuality. To accept and support the person in whatever ways we can. Yes, that is what a teacher should do. Support the students to the fullest!!!

I hope that teachers all over the world have this attitude in mind. So that the message will spread and hopefully will inculcate all human beings in this world. Let's celebrate and appreciate everyone around us and make sure that we do not underestimate any. ;)

PS: Avoid bullies! Check out this awesome entry about preventing bullying in  Frog - The Pond

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