Thursday, December 19, 2013

the things that we learnt

Is being knowledgable making us ignorant? is it making us think that we know everything and do not need anyone else to teach us? Is that why in the first place we sought knowledge and learnt something? do we really know everything?

I'm not sure why this topic comes to my mind. It has been a few days that my fingers have been itching to write something. In the end, I managed to sort myself out to write tonight. 

I have just been thinking about this. About how people can change into being ignorant once they receive 'higher education'. Yeah higher education that we create and approve.  We think that this is the best for everybody. Once we finish studying and get the result, we suddenly are better than anyone else out there. Is it true? Is the purpose of higher education to produce this kind of attitude?

This is very confusing for me. I think what should happen is that the more you learn the more you realise that knowledge is wide and huge and that as human beings we can never master everything. Learning should be a process that takes place all of the time, anywhere, for anyone. It does not mean that once you have higher education you become some one else, and that you cannot learn from some one who does not have it. It does not mean that you cannot learn from someone younger than you or older than you, or someone more inexperienced than you or more immature. Everything is about learning and consideration. not ignorance.... I think so

I hope that the more we learn, the more it will open our heart and mind to think and connect! You are not always right, you know ;) 

PS: time to decide and go!


  1. Good reflections. Will you do it?

    1. Thanks Dr ;) I'm just the same apistakkisah...forever...ahaha ;)

  2. Apis,
    I learned from my hostel cleaner how to iron my slacks. I learned from my office cleaning lady what best detergent to use. I learned from my typist how to make a tasty sambal nasi lemak. Enough to show me that knowledge is everywhere and with just about anybody should we humbled ourselves to seek out.

    1. Yeah...Isn't it amazing...we can learn from anyone if we open our heart and mind ;) thanks for the comment!


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