Friday, December 27, 2013

counting using fingers

This video captured a moment of learning of Maisarah, a little girl that I taught two years ago in 2011 (I'm glad I still remember her name ;) ahaha ). It was my  second year teaching in SK Kampung Kenang. At that time, I started to get better confidence in handling the class and preparing mathematics activities for my pupils. I found this video after browsing on my laptop and looking at all the photos and videos that I took before. I miss the school and the children I guess. 

Let the children explore learning. Let them learn on their own. Give them guidance and then let them do it... I think a teacher's job need to be flexible around where we need to choose the role that we play. The role will keep changing over the input that we want to give and also change to match the pupils that we teach. It is amazing to play roles isn't it ;)


Last but not least for this entry, off topic for a bit... Looking at the viral comments on the social media at the moment, I am a bit worried by the cyber community nowadays. People sometimes share things without any research whether it's right or wrong and then give judgement as soon as they read or know about it. Even just a little bit of knowledge about a certain issue, people just say what ever they want. I think it is so important to know and understand the issue. Think both negative and positive.  Don't simply comment on something...listen and observe, then think before you act or you say. I guess everybody know about this this, but because sometimes we are too ignorant we decided to stick to our belief and opinion, and say out stupid stuff. That shows how much we use our brain to think... That is not a critical thinking!

PS: weekend in Alor Setar ;) 

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