Thursday, October 31, 2013

underestimate??? whyyy????

Do you realise that sometimes when you tell people something, or give some advice to them, actually you are also wanting to advise yourself ?
 I love to see when other people start to underestimate me. I do not know why people like to do that. Probably I do the same sometimes. But I will try not to. Why would you want to underestimate other people's capability when you do not know the person yet? Should we just see the appearance and think that the person is a good person? 

I do believe that appearance is very important. If you are smart and confident, you attract people as soon as people see you. However, it still does not represent every part of you.

I prefer to know people more. Learn about them. Know them. Appreciate them. Do not think that you are better than someone else just because some one else does not wear fancy clothes and is.shy. We learnt and know about multiple intelligences, about the difference in people's behaviour. Sometimes other people take time to shine but when they shine, no one else can beat their shine!

So, let's us not underestimate anyone!  

PS: think twice (or triple) before you speak


  1. there is always going to be people who think highly of themselves but lets not be of them.

  2. Agreed. Just keep going. :)


Superb! ;)