Friday, October 18, 2013

how do you measure your success?

I'm not sure why I want to write about this... I don't even know it is right or not to say this. But as per usuaL, I just write what I feel I should write...probably something that keep coming to my mind or probably just some kind of reminder to myself...or probably both! 

I'm quite lucky that some interesting things seems to happen in my life and career. I guess there are more people luckier than me out there. I also think that everybody are lucky in their own way. Everyone can be lucky if they think they are lucky ;) Even negative things that happened to us can become lucky if you turn it around and think differently...but I guess no one can be that positive. Life is always up and down...

Success??? How to measure it? Do we need to measure it? Or will it just create negative feeling inside our heart like feeling "too proud" and "show-off". Feel like we are the best one and no one else can be right or better than us? Can success be measured when people started to back stabbing each other to achieve the goal? Is that consider success?

Hm... but still, It is important to note our achievement... to realise the potential that we have...cause sometimes we never really know what people see in ourselves. Only by looking at ourselve through other people's eyes...

Egh... too tired already to keep writing tonight. Like I said before, I don't really know what I am saying here. Let just think about it together k! ahahaha...

PS: rilex-rilex sudah...


  1. tq 4 sharing ur pnya pgalaman dgn kitaorang. hee.. :)

  2. You just came to my campus! hahaha...welcome ya..but it's quite upsetting coz din manage to meet u in person. btw, when are you going back?


Superb! ;)