Wednesday, March 06, 2013

waiting for Katie and Dong 4th March

Did you ever feel that what you think is right might be wrong?

Maddie and I decided to go to the airport and wait for Katie and Dong - another 2 students arriving in Ghana. Yesterday, we arrived in a big group of 10 of us. We wanted to make sure that everybody arrives safely and gets to the correct hotel. The story that Dr. Pauline told us in the last session about other people might fake things and get others to follow them was too scary not to be careful. The journey took us about 40 minutes by car. I love being in the car at night time and feel the wind blowing in my face...definitely the same wind that I felt when I was in Malaysia driving through the paddy fields to go to my grandparents' house.

The only problem that we faced with meeting our friends is that we do not know one of them - Dong! We know Katie as she is our classmate for all the modules that we take in the university. However, we were not really sure about Dong. I volunteered to go because I thought I would recognise Dong but still i was not that sure.

When we arrived, we were informed that the flight was delayed. It was 7:45 pm and we waited until 10 pm and they still did not show up. We got a bit worried and went to check in and out, all over the place. Luckily, the airport is not big so it was easy to walk around. The only thing was that there were so many people. I was a bit confused by them because I could see that people were not really waiting for anyone or sending anyone away. Some of them I guess just used the airport as a place to hang around. I am not sure about this so I might be wrong.

After a while, I saw Katie...fuhhh, that was a relief ... at least we got one and were hoping that Dong had not just arrived and already taken a taxi or something. We definitely do not have any phone at the moment as we also just arrived yesterday. Luckily, after a while, Dong arrived and he was the Dong that I was expecting and he also seemed to recognise us. A tired night makes you sleep well! and Dong is my roommate for the next 22 days! woohooo! aha...

ps: the traffic is busier than some cities that I have been to before? uhmmm...

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