Wednesday, March 06, 2013

the first breakfast 4th March

Will you find a way out from a hole or wait for the hole to open itself?

The first day was interesting. We gathered at around 8:30 downstairs. I think I had a good sleep last night. Queuing to get into Ghana during the last inspection at the airport was quite tiring. So a nice sleep was definitely refreshing!

The sunshine was bright very early. My mind keeps trying to compare the weather in Ghana and Malaysia. I'm not sure why I keep doing that but I just cannot stop it! aha... I guess it is interesting to feel and know the differences. I found that the heat in Ghana started very early even at 8 a.m while in Malaysia, we can still feel a bit cold at 8 to 10.

The interesting part during the first breakfast was not about the food. Definitely the sandwich and coffee were good for me. I can say that as long as it is Halal food (muslim food) I eat anything! ahaha... But the interesting part was about the discussion about the lizards. How to know the gender of the lizards...aha... No blame though, because the lizards were very attractive with some of them having an orange head!

We then headed to the Omega Schools office for the first time. Meeting with Ken (the Omega Schools owner) and his great colleagues. We talked about our dissertation and mini research a little bit for introduction and for Ken's record. Ken is a very good person with a big vision for education in Ghana. He told us the reason why Omega Schools, private schools for poor people, are successful. Its the quality of teaching and learning compared to the public schools. He mentioned 3 problems that always happen in public schools in Ghana which is very interesting for me to know. They are:

1. to get the teacher to go to the school
2. once they are in school, then to get them to go into the classroom
3. once they are in the classroom, then to get them to teach!

I believe, from what I can see at this moment, that Omega Schools do provide a good education that poor people can afford. With their famous daily tuition fees, it helps the poor a lot to get better education for their children.

ps: i guess it was not a bad idea to bring the suntan lotion after all :D aha

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