Monday, March 11, 2013

the schools 5th March

Is it really necessary to have the definition of developed and developing county?

We went to visit a few Omega schools today! woohooo! definitely worth remembering experiences. Ken organised a bus to bring us to 8 of the 20 Omega schools.

When we arrived at the first school, the children were so happy and were running to the gate to greet us. All of them cheering, smiling and laughing happily! They grabbed my hands and held on to them. Not just one child but so many of felt so good to make them feel happy. Most of the schools that we visited the same happened.

The building of most of the Omega schools looks very simple and humble. It was built nicely and I could see that they have their trademark for the buildings. Definitely this experience inspired and touched me. Everybody wanted to be educated with the best quality that they can get. Even poor people, people in rural areas or even in the big city. We need to bear this in mind and support what we can in what ever ways that we can....

In one of the schools, I met with a little cute baby. The baby's mother is the cook for the school. She is a lovely women. I held the baby for a while in my arms and he was so calm and definitely a smily made my day and made me forget about the tiring Omega schools tour.

What was funny during the school visit was that everybody was so excited, cheering and laughing in the first school. Second school the same, third school the same...then in the fourth school things started to slow down a bit and a bit and a bit and so on.... aha... I guess the hot weather does have an effect on the mood. Everybody enjoyed the moment meeting the teachers and children. Do not worry, the schools and the children's story will not just end with this entry... I have more days to go ;) Let's see what happens

ps: the experience in the bus was like riding a horse! (even though I have never ridden a horse, just my assumption) ;)

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