Monday, March 11, 2013

the shoprite 5th March

do you like to be judge?

After came back from the schools visit, I went to get a rest for a while. The experience in the schools make me feel so excited to start my research. In the same time, I am also a little bit worry thinking about the time that we really have to carry out the research. The first week will definitely we cannot do much on the research part except still doing the preparation. The schools will close on Wednesday and Thursday due to the Independence day celebration.

After the rest, around 5p.m, Joyce, Dimitri and me went out together to the supermarket called Shoprite. We used 'trot-trot' to get us there (I will write a special entry about this transport) next time when I have more time.

My real mission was just to get me a kettle! ahaha... I know it sounds very easy and not the most important things to do while traveling but I think to have a kettle will make things easy for me. The hotel is nice and have everything like refrigeratorin the room but not a kettle and they prefer us to ask for hot water in a flask if we need it. As I will stay more than a week, I make a huge decision to get one! ahah... for making coffe and noodles! woohoo... and I think the kettle really help me and everyone else!

On the way back from shoprite to the hotel, I had a nice conversation with Joyce. It was about how situation can changed people attitude and most of all change the culture. I think stress of the situation can make people becoming different from usual. Negative attitude like selfish, greedy and lie maybe will rise but at the same time maybe positive attitude can develop. I think at the end it depends on the individual itself.

ps: gathering every breakfast and night time! nice!

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