Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wall paintings

In the last entry, I already told you that at the moment I am busy with upgrading a new room: Math Lab! :D As the exchange students are still staying in the village, I asked them whether they interested to show their drawing talent. Luckily, they said yes! Actually, I saw them wondering around the village sometimes without too much activities so I offered them an tivity which is quite interesting to be a memory to bring back home later. Yeah, left their drawing in the primary school building.

So, yesterday Nathan from Belgium who always prefer to be called as Atan, Justin her Malay name is Yasmin and Alexa or Eliza came to the school to do the drawing.

I let them draw and paint everything on the wall outside of the math lab. They seem to enjoy it and that make the result, I mean the drawing looks so beautiful and nice ;) Thank you guys. So cool!

After they finish the with the drawing on the wall, then they started to paint their faces...ahahaha...Whatever, as long as they enjoy doing it. Thank you so much! Now, we got a nice Belgium cartoon with Dunia Matematik on the wall!

p/s: carpe diem! again and again :)

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  1. It must be a wonderful opportunity to have these native speakers of English. :-)


Superb! ;)