Friday, March 23, 2012

few updates on 23 March :D

cit's been up and down this week. Sometimes feeling good, sometimes feeling bad! i think it just a normal feelings... :D

I am quite excited to decorate a new room! Yep, I have been given a room in the school to be a mathematics lab by my headmaster. The room is not so big but it is enough to be a class for at least 20 pupils. I will update the news about this lab later because I do not really feel to talk about it at the moment. ;)

By the way, in Kampung Kenang now, there are a few exchange students from Europe and US are staying with some families. They come to have some experience in rural area. This evening, while i was busy painting (not so busy...wahaha...just pretend to be busy) they came to the school to play and do some activities with the kids.

So proud to see my pupils were so active! Much more than in the class. i think they are very excited to have the exchange students in their village. I hope it will bring great experience to both, the exchange students and the Temiar pupils :)

p/s: btw, the stationeries there were sent by Raina and Rebecca last year and now I put them in the math lab for kids to use. Thanks Raina and Rebecca! :D

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