Thursday, March 15, 2012

another school holidays

It's difficult for me to update this blog at the moment because of the internet connection problem that I have here. I will find a way soon.

Yeah! It is school holidays at the moment!!! Yay! let's celebrate it while you can. So, this school holidays were not so much things to do. Other than staying at home with mom and dad, meeting family members as all my siblings came back to hometown, there were not so much happened. But, I am really glad to meet all of them. It's been a while since we gather together so this time we managed to share and exchange some stories. Plus, we went to some favourite places in Alor Setar together! :D Oh almost forgot, I also met with one of my best friend! Rohaizat! :D

Before I left school for holidays, I gave my pupils a few mathematics questions. Not so many. Just hoping they will remember to do it. I am very worried to my year 6 pupils for this year. Last few weeks they were involved in a few cocurriculum activity in the morning which make them missed  my class. I hope we will catch up after the school holidays...

p/s: just do what I can when I can...


  1. harap2 ank2 murid ni x lupakan buku semasa cuti kan apis?

  2. Yeap....harap nya macam tu lah...huhu


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