Saturday, February 18, 2012

A visit to SK Pos Kemar

A few days ago, I went to visit another rural area school in Perak, Sekolah Kebangsaan Pos Kemar. I am really glad to been given a chance from JPN Perak and PPD Hulu Perak (Credit to Pn. Norhaini and En. Manan) to join the trip there.

The journey to get to the school was challenging. You need to drive like 30 minutes to the jetty, then, take a boat for 40 minutes and then once you arrive take a ride on 4 wheel drive, and then you arrive at the school! That still sound easy but its challenging than my descriptions...

Once we were there, we been celebrated by the school community, lead by the wonderful headmaster, En. Zul Azhar. Thank you for such a great and warmth welcome. Actually, the main purpose of this visit was to sit and work together to create a good lesson plan to use in teaching and learning of pupils in literacy and numeracy. More than that, we were actually doing Lesson Study! (Ask Pn. Norhaini for more details...she the expert! hehe)
I think that we have worked together very well. We managed to create a few lesson plans (much work done by some SK Pos Kemar teachers-claps!) , apply it to the class, review and reflect! It's a great way to get much more ideas. We have the same experience with the Temiar kids, so I think maybe that is one reason why we can work well.

Back to the school story, this school is bigger 3 times than my school. The Temiar kids in this school are about 6oo+. Even though it is in a rural area, but the community there is very large and if not mistaken, the larger orang asli school in Perak. Teachers in the school are about 40+ and they all live and stay in the school. Because of the journey to go in and out to the school is challenging and take time, they just go back to their hometown only on weekends! I really respect them and I hope that they will always be strong and be patient in teaching the kids...

p/s: after almost two weeks go out from my school, going back today make my eye opened widely to see a bundle of files and some other works waiting for me to do! (no sigh...huhu...)


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2012

    saya dengar guru besar kemar hanya akan masuk kalau ada pelawat. Most of the time dia tak ada pun. tak masuk .

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