Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flight through my eyes

I am about to drive to Gerik now. I will go visit another rural area school in Perak. It will be exciting experience I guess... :)

One day only at my own school for this week which is yesterday make me used the time with my pupils as good as I can. I managed to share some of my experiences in Bangkok with them. It was very excited to show to them some photos and videos that I brought back special for them just to let them see what I see through my eyes...

The best one was when I showed to them a video of the flight taking off from the Suvatnabhumi airport. Although it just a 3 minutes, no sounds and just from my seat but it was very amazing to see the kids can feel the flight. We were in the computer lab, I closed the doors, windows and lights. So, we were in the dark and the focus that we have just the screen. Once the video started, my pupils were giving their full attention to the video. Making some sounds and ready to feel the flight starting to move and fly and touch the sky! Even I feel excited to see them excited!

I can't bring them on the flight yet so at least I can let them experience seeing what I see!

p/s: One kid one elephant choclate from Thailand! hehehe

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  1. Such an interesting experience you have there. :-)


Superb! ;)