Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mathematics formula for life :D

Take a plain life, let’s add, subtract, multiply and divide:

Add some smiles to your face and heart; it makes you look beautiful in and out
Add courage and bravery, to make you dare to move forward
Add discipline to your routine, you have proper steps to follow
Add gratitude and thankfulness, never forget where you come from

Subtract some doubts from your heart, makes you less worried
Subtract jealousy, prevents you becoming mean
Subtract procrastination; wasting time is not your cup of tea
Subtract despair and sadness; keep your tears for joy

Multiply efforts, it creates magic
Multiply patience, strong shield to protect you from falling down
Multiply thinking, which is how you become creative
Multiply kindness, there you will find honesty

Divide knowledge and experiences you have, don’t keep them to yourself
Divide your time, as time goes away and never comes back
Divide your wisdom, so that it flows to people in need
Divide temptation, so you are always in control of yourself

Add, subtract, multiply and divide your life
Equals to no more plain life!

Add, subtract, multiply and divide your life
You will appreciate life as you only have one!

p/s: attracted to the way of writing down mind map in front of the hall while speaker giving his speech as I experienced in Thailand. Impressed by the quick and fast digesting the points...

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