Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indoor Numbers Hunt!

I know it's late already now and I should go to bed....what to do... I thought I will not update this blog tonight as the internet connection was so bad. But I just can't sleep if I did not update this entry luckily now internet go better (even it takes so long to upload andonly 2 pictures survive!)

Today, I prepared another interesting activity with my year 1 class. We played "Numbers Hunt"! (Something like treasure hunt...I think so...wahaha). I prepared a number sequence and the pupils need to fill it up with correct numbers.
I divided the pupils into 5 groups according to the colours that you can see in the picture. Then, I hide the numbers in the computer lab and the pupils need to search the number. When they find it, they need to glue the number to the sequence. (This is lame...sleepy writing...wahaha)

Of course the pupils went wild: they run, jump, look here, look there, climb the table, go down the table, blur here, think there and many more acts that I can't really describe! Too much! :DI thik it's fun and great to see them very excite d and very commited to find the numbers and finish the task. I think I did not really hide the numbers in a difficult place. But because they were too excited, even the numbers were just on the white board, they cannot find it! Wahahaha…over excited plus confident I guess :P

But at the end they manage to finish it. It was interesting too to see how this year 1 pupils work together to finish the task. Work in group to finish it and you can hear they discuss in Temiar language… it’s fine, as long as I know they were discussing about the activity…

I thought the searching part is the wildest part, but I was wrong…when they finish it, they went out of control! The first group that finish the activity screamed very loud to celebrate their victory!!! Egh…what to do….I’m the one who prepared the activity, so can’t complaint that they make that noise…hehe
It’s fun! ;) Sleep now!
p/s: welcome to my world ;) and yes, I made the poems myself ;)


  1. Hi Hafiz ... your activity is becoming very well structured and 'matured' now ... I guess the years of experience with your Temiar pupils must has made you a well-grown professional teacher now ... a big2 CONGRATULATION!

  2. Hi Mr. Gan! ;) Thank u for your supports ... Just trying to do things I can while I can do it ;)


Superb! ;)