Friday, February 24, 2012 go up, you go down...

 "No running, no rushing! Wait for my orders! Stop! You! Listen to me!" me, keep shouting to my year 1 kids...wahaha

Today, I brought my year 1 pupils outside of their class. We went to the hostel buildings. Yeah...we went to find a stair. Since the year 1 class is only on the ground level, so there is no stairs there plus all level one classes are advisable to be on the groud level to prevent bad things to happen.

Today, we learnt to arrange numbers up and down. I just want to give the kids the clear view of going up and going down. Ehehehe...I think it much more easy to show them by using the stairs instead of just telling them.

 They pupils count up and down while stepping on the stairs. I helped some of them by placing numbers cards. As the stairs is not so big, so this activity cannot be done in a big group. So, just a small group of pupils can do it at once.

I think they were very excited to try out the activity. Even the one that not really response to me before suddenly so excited to try and he can't even count correctly...ehehe...I guess it's a good start to him. Maybe I should bring him to the stairs everyday then...ehehe...

For some advance learners, I gave them a bundle of number cards and then asked them to arrange it on the stairs up and down. Then the other say it out and check it out... I think this activity just a normal activity but because my pupils do not really have access to stairs especially the one that not staying in the hostel, that makes their eyes open and excited to step on it! Just need to be a bit strick so that they not gonna be too wild! ehehhe

Before we left the stairs, I let all my pupils climb on the stairs in group of 3 so that nobody will go back home and feeling sick that they did not have chance to try it! :D

p/s: School on Saturday!!!


Superb! ;)