Wednesday, January 04, 2012

the truth will always comes out...

2012!!! New year!!! Ooopsss a few days late but 2012 is still fresh I guess... Tomorrow I will be back to school formally. Yeah... I can't really sleep tonight. I don't know why. Maybe excited for tomorrow or maybe because some stuff still come and disturbing my mind. It's fine... I have enough rest last holidays....hehe

You know what? You can tell lies to keep yourself safe or you can tell lies to make sure people believe in you. Lies maybe will safe you for a while.

Never mind what will happen, first and formost always choose the right things. Right will always be right. Whatever you do to hide it or what ever you say to change it, someday, some weeks, some months or some year it will comes out. It just a matter of time...

Who am I to advise I can just propose that we should stay on the truth. Be nice to people around us even though some times environment and situations seems to be unfair. The time will come...yeah and the truth will be there saving you. 

p/s: A moon will stay be a moon that will shine at night whatever names you called it.


  1. lies??? little lie will bring another, another, and every time it will getting bigger...


Superb! ;)