Friday, December 30, 2011

count the days

A few days more to go before school starts again. I'm back in my hometown, Alor Setar. Last two weeks I already went to school to attend the school meetings. 

Even though so many stuff in my mind, I still feel excited to see the new batch of year 1! haha... It will be a new drama with them and I am so happy that I will teach year 1 next year... Egh...cannot wit to see how naughty this coming soon group... :D In the same time, I also will still teach year 6. Just as same as before. But, luckily, I maybe not so busy as before because they take out one task out from me. Thank you for that...

Year one on 2011 will be year 2 next year. Of course I will still can see them around even though will not teach them formally. Year 6 group for 2011 will enter form 1 in the secondary school. I hope they will continue study and continue to work hard. I pray that they will find a way to be successful person and successful in what ever things they will do in the future :)

2012 is not far anymore... What will happen this coming year you will never know. But I think we need to celebrate whatever comes to us. Set some targets and strive for it. Try to leave bad experiences behind. Let's move forward! Sometimes things around you cannot change, so you need to do the changes... ;) Changes involve sacrifice and move out from the things that you love :)

p/s: Thank you so much to JPN Perak for the recognition and certificate! That's really wonderful :)


  1. Cikgu Apis. You know something? You're an inspiration. really. :))


Superb! ;)