Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bad signs: Just go with it? or other options maybe?

One sunny day, you get a phone call from your friend and he say that he really needs to see you. Because you don't have problem with that, so you started to prepare yourself. In your mind, you will just go with your motorcycle so that you will see your friend quickly. Using a motorcycle can let you avoid the traffic jam, that's what you think.
You are ready to go now. Once you look outside from the window, suddenly you see the day is not like you see a few minutes ago. Now, you can see the clouds are black in colour, you suddenly can hear the storms mumblings and see some lightnings scratch each others. You can also feel the winds blowing cold through your skins....

Now, you started to change your mind. Maybe go with car will make things easier. If there will be rain, at least you will not get caught.... or maybe you can just cancel and meet the friend tomorrow...or maybe you can think some other options that come to your head at that time...

The clouds, the storm and the lightning maybe are the signs for you to take one step ahead. It maybe also a sign for you that there will be something waiting for you ahead...good things or bad things...

Who knows att the end, you just stick with the idea to go with the motorcycle and lucky for you that there are no rain at all and the whether suddenly become as sunny as it was before. Maybe there are no right or wrong in decision making...maybe it's all about which options is better. Whatever your choice is, at the end we never know what  will wait for us in the future. Even just a minute later, we never know what will happen.

- Maybe try to relate with any other signs or situations that happened around you, I believe you exerienced it before -

p/s: My advise to people out there, please be careful what you want to say in your Facebook page... Facebook is created for social networking, not as a social hating! :D

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