Friday, November 25, 2011

while I'm home...

While I'm in home for a few days or weeks for this school holidays, maybe I will not online as much as before. Maybe not so much update too.... (Remember the word maybe there...haha)

While I'm home for this school holidays, I will take some time to reflect and look back the journey I've been through... Maybe start to analyzed what is good what is bad...

While I'm home, I want to have a good time...maybe just being lazy but really enjoy the time: with family, friends and more... I just want to be nice.

While I'm home now, never stop thinking. I just want to forget all the bad things...forget whatever things that can make me sad or turn me down.

While I'm home now, I want to fine new power, new spirit to let me start again. I want something new!

It's while I'm home! :D

p/s: writing while rilexing on my bed :P

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