Sunday, November 27, 2011

a few minutes writing in KLIA

I'm in KLIA at the moment. Suddenly need to be here to do some discussion before another education symposium on December. Just for 1 day here, so I travel light this time (not so common actually...hahaha).

I've been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about way of people's reaction (including me), when something great happen to some people that you may know...people will start saying that they are related to that person. They contribute a lot and they are the reason of what the person achieve.

What will happen if bad things happen to the person? Suddenly nobody will care. Everybody will just keep quiet and no one will step out and say the same anymore... I did not mean that we need to be proud when somebody doing bad thing but I just thinking about the reaction....

I think at the end, trust the people that you trust before, that help you a lot in your life: your family, your friends, etc. I dont know who but you know it in your heart right?

some people maybe show that they love and like you in front of you but you never know what they capable when you are not around. Ok, do not think that...that's too negative to think about but just keep it in your mind... :)

p/s: Just got SMS from a friend asking me to join a trip to Langkawi!!! :D I wanna join you guys!!!


  1. think positive sir,...eeehehe

  2. Hafiz,
    I am no philosopher but where friendship is concern I'll go by this simple rule. One who bad mouths others in front of you will bad mouth you in front of others. A true friend will never bad mouth anybody.

  3. What happen hafiz? You must have undergone a lot of tension ... take it easy ... just be the way you have always been! Your sincerity in your heart towards your pupils will guide you through ...


Superb! ;)