Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We got the reply!

At last I can write something here. Life is a bit different now but it is great! While busy eating here, I think I should write something. If you still remember Olive and Clay in previous entry, I have some update about it.

After a while sent the cards to them, we already got reply from them! What a great things! So, I brought it to the school and shared it with the year 6 kids. They were so happy and so excited about it.

We plan to send another cards to Olive and Clay but I am so not sure if we will have time for that before school holidays. Plus, this is the last year for year 6 to be here, so maybe I need to start doing it with another year. For year 6, I know they will fo it by themselves starting next year ;) If they can easily have access to post office thingy...

I really think that this kind of activity can give them some idea about sending letters and receiving it. Giving them idea about post office, postman and stamps! I want them not to just listen about it but I want them to experience about it! It's learning! And it is fun!

p/s: 1 week and few days away from school...

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