Thursday, September 22, 2011

Come and join the book launch! :)

So, after a few months of working on the blog entries with some great people, now the book is ready to be publish! yay! Thank you very much for all the support especially to UCSI Publishing House and MPH Publishing!

The most exciting part is that the lauch will be also join with 34 pupils from my school! It will be great! If you are near to the Mid Valley Megamall, come and stop by :) yes!!! you gonna make the event much much much more meaningful :)

p/s: So happy to see the kids were so excited about their visit to KL and to the book launch. Thank you very much to UCSI University for the sponsorship.


  1. Tahniah Hafiz. Your parents must be proud of you.

  2. A BIG congratulation, Hafiz! So sorry for not able to make it to kL today for the launching of the book. Keep up the good work!

  3. congrate,hafiz...dgr kate meriah book launch smlm..smlm xsempat nak jengah mid tuk tgk book launch TU tp happy to hear everythg just fine..keep a good work ok!!

  4. terima kasih Pn. Norizan, Terima kasih Mr. Gan, Terima kaish Ikahjai ;) Yep, nampaknya majlis berjalan dengan lancar... Alhamdulillah :) Thanks for the support!


Superb! ;)