Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Trip to KL and The Book Launch!

Yay! the trip to KL already done, the book already launched and everybody were safe and happy. Now, it is a correct time for me to do some reflection about what just happened.

The trip was so great. when the day came, it was like a celebration in the school. Everybody were so happy to wave the year 6 pupils and send them to the bus. It was a sweet memory for everybody.

The year 6 pupils of course were so lucky to be in the trip. Thank you to UCSI University for sponsoring the trip. I know it meant a lot for the kids. In the bus, the kids were so happy but after a while suddenly some of them started to get bus sickness. Ouch... but it was fine, we gave them some medicine and plastic bags (preparation for vomit), stop for a while to give fresh air, asking them to try to sleep, then everything back to normal... ;)

When we arrived, we got a very warm welcome from the UCSI University. We also having a great lunch there. Thank you to Brenda for organizing that for us. After see the delicious food prepared for them, the kids started being energetic and ready to rock again :D hahaha...we also tour the university before headed to some interesting places in KL.

We have a great fun time in Aquaria. It was so nice to see the animalas and fish all around us. For me, the best part of course when I can see the kids were having fun there. They play and learned a lot. Its look like they been there before. Oh, by the way, they were so easy to organize and so well behave! Good Good!

Then, we also walked around the KLCC park and of course take a look and appreciate the beauty of the tallest building in Malaysia. After a long time keep talking about seeing KLCC with their own eyes, now, the kids really have the experience! I know they will remember the moment for their whole life. An I believe it will also motivate them to try the best to be better in the future. Wow! pupils from Kampung Kenang now already visited Kuala Lumpur! yay!

The Book Launch: Life through My Eyes-A Teacher's Little Steps Towards Perfection

It was still early in the orning and I can't sleep anymore. Oh, its the book launch day! i'm so nervous...after many months waiting for the book to come out, now the day has come.

It was a great launch. A very great day with a great whether. Seems like everything was great. I hope later I can get Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arsyad speech and put it on my blog. It was so good and really appreciated that he read all the book and everything were in his mind. So awesome!

Thnks a lot to everybody thats coming and grab the books. I hope you guys will enjoy it and I also hope it will touch some heart! :)

p/s: so glad that the launch reunite family, friends, lecturers and the school pupils. And a lot of thanks to all people that came to the event ;)

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  1. Congrats Hafiz. Too bad I could not be there anyway, I will get the book from MPH ^__^.