Wednesday, September 14, 2011

another type of nervous is taking place...

Tomorrow is the last day for UPSR. A bit rilex now because mathematic paper already finished. I hope my pupils will stay focus for tomorrow.

Honestly, I thought after the pupils taking the mathematics paper for UPSR, my worries will go away. But it is not! Worst than that, this time the worries come bigger! haha... Egh...looking at the examination paper itself, make me think whether the kids do it correctly or not. Looking at the kids right after they finish doing it makes me feel glad. I dont care yet about ho they doing the exam but I just can see a bit of tense already out. I know they already try their best, and I think I also already give as much as I can (even I do hope I can give more) However, I realized there's nothing I can do anymore. What have done were already done, and right now I just need to believe in it... yep... Whatever the result will be we will accept it, yep, me and my pupils...

The things that I really hope is that the kids that deserve to get pass will pass... :) I better write this feeling down so that in the future I know that I already talked about this...haha...

Today, other than busy getting nervous to see the kids taking the examination, I also went to the field to give some help (not so much actually :P) to some teachers that preparing the field track for school sports! Yes it is! School sports is coming back to SKKK! Welcome welcome!

p/s: keep praying ><

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  1. You really need to concentrate on your English grammar.

    The first sentence of your second paragraph should be written grammatically like this:
    Honestly I thought after the pupils had taken the UPSR mathematics paper, my worry would have gone away. But alas!it had not.In fact it had become bigger.

    You have good ideas and your narrative is fluid but your English grammar needs a lot of improvement. My advice is to keep reading English books and get hold of books on grammar so that your write-up will be excellent.

    Good luck to you.