Tuesday, May 24, 2011

travel ... a small one... :P

I'm in Kuala Lumpur right now. Just arrived a few hours ago by train from Ipoh. Tomorrow i will attend a Symposium on International Collaboration in Teacher Education. Something that I really wait to join. I want to listen to the reflections and report about the international collaboration. It will be great to get some input from it. Thank you for the invitation.

Today, in the school I met with Danial, my year 1 pupil that just lost his father a few days ago. So sad to see him. Even though he look happy now but I know deep inside must be a huge lost to him, to anybody... Maybe he is too young to feel the lost yet... I don't know. He said he will transfer to a new school after the school holidays...hm...not a good news for me...but as long as it good for him, I just want to pray the best. I hope he will have a really bright future! Go Danial Go!

Not so much to write these few days. Maybe I just feel so nervous and a bit scared to share what ahppening sometimes. Just feel that it may look too 'show off' to some people...haha.... What am I thinking! hahaha.... Ok, forget about it... I will be back to the writing mood later...I know that.... just not much to say nowadays :P

p/s: no picture of me nowadays cause too shy :P hahaha


  1. Go for it Hafiz. Enjoy your visit to the UK.
    Learn from the conference and tell us your experiences.

  2. terima kasih :) I'm so excited!


Superb! ;)