Saturday, May 28, 2011

'kampung' boy is ready to fly again :D

Yay! The day has come! I'm so excited to fly to UK and go to University of Hertfordshire and also having some good time during school holidays. Yay! for me! hahaha...ooopsss over excited :P

I think I'm ready to go and learn something and share something from this trip. I do not know where the moment of learning will be. Maybe I will learn something new right after I jump on the plane, maybe it will be in the middle of the trip or maybe it will be after everything finish! About giving a seminar, luckily before the trip come, I already involved with some events that make me talked a lot and it help me in build my confidence. ;) so good!

By the way, mother is still worrying to let me go alone. She got her point. Before this, I went to UK with some Malaysian friends, but this trip is going to be a lone ranger trip :P hahaha... don't worry mom, there still earth to steps, air to breath and people to talk too there. But lots differents on culture and FOODS. hahaha... Let me go and experience it :) I know I will be fine....

It will be a lot different this time. I still remember the last visit to UK with my friends. We share lots of things together and we explore, we travel, we try and we discover a lot. Things must be a bit awkward and weird... I think so. No one close to me to discuss with about some issue that maybe arise like the prayer and foods. But luckily I build some good friendship with some people and that makes me feel comfortable and luckily I been there before too :) Thank you!

So, here is Kampung boy so excited to tell his trip and doing some work in other country. What a great opportunity for him :P

p/s: I will try to post pictures and story about the trip as soon as possible... ;) wish me luck and pray for my safety :)


  1. Bon Voyage Hafiz....

    May this trip will benifit u and the nation a lot. I'm proud of you...Take care and may Allay alwayz bless u... be good hah.....

  2. terima kasih Puan :) Amin...


Superb! ;)