Sunday, June 05, 2011

A week in Wales... Another week to go ;)

Yay! One more week to go. After a week I spend time in Wales, let me share some of scenery that I saw through my eyes with you guys.... It is gret and beautiful! Luckily I'm a good photographer! hahaha...joking! Try to seize the moment for u ;)
I went to few cultural events and places to get some information. It's good to see Welsh language and English language all over the place. I also met with some people that I shared a lot of experiences with them. This coming week I will do my presentation and hope it will goes well.

I hope you like what you see it. Can't wait to show them to my Temiar pupils. I even take some videos so that it will be more real than the pictures.... Carpe diem!

p/s: gigling and smiling all the time :D

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Superb! ;)