Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I feel so lucky :)

Ok, I have been thinking to write about this topic or not for a bout 1 week already and today I just decided to write on it.... Just about a few lucky things that I experience teaching in a rural area school.... Do not expect anything yet in your mind, because this is not the usual lucky things that people always tell... this is something else so just read everything first before you start to create things in your mind. haha

Hm...how to say it properly...Ok, let me try my best to say it out. I feel so lucky to have experience teaching in a rural area school especially to this orang asli school. I experienced the negative thinking that some people gave to the teachers that teach here. Some people always have in their mind that teachers who teach in this type of school most probably do not do anything to the pupils.

They just forget the different pupils, the different environment and different community that the teachers facing in the school and still judge the teachers or the school based on the numbers or graph on paper. I do not think that people that just come visit have the same experience with the teachers that teache there for many years. maybe some people can said that they understand what is going on in the school but is it the same experience? I think this type of school need more than just bad comments. How about send the best headmasters, the best teachers, the best facilities and equipments so that it can help the pupils? I think that is better that just complaining...

How about all the efforts before and the responsibility that taken by the teachers when nobody see. Maybe it's true that there are some teachers that taking the edvantage of the school that they were teach but please take note to the teachers that give their commitment to the school too. I'm lucky to be teach in my school right now because I been surrounded by lots of positive people that really positive about their environment, about their pupils, willingly try to do their best for the kids and put some efforts towards it.

The most important thing that I feel so lucky when some of the teachers in my school can discuss about their pupils performance and how to help them even though it's not in a formal meeting. I mean it's like a daily talk for us which for me it is good and really positive to share about classroom, kids performance and everything about teaching and learning. It so good when talking to the people that understand each other and understand what we dealing here rather than talk to some people that not really understand the situation.

I really don't like when people have "double standard" towards the teachers that teach in rural area. It's already difficult to get teachers to go to teach in rural area and suddenly when they went there people just talk about negative things and gave bad impression to them. It doesnt help if people just blame the teachers just for numbers on the paper. I even got lots of opinion telling me to transfer to outside school because I will not get the same opportunities that teachers in the mainstream school get. egh... (can't describe my feelings here)...

I really appreciate people that come and give guidance, sharing opinions, listening to others' problems, understanding and tolerate and try to figure out the other way to help and support the teachers and the pupils instead of come, find the bad things, find the bad story in the rural area school so that they can tell to other people. Is it help by giving the negative comments? There are many ways to tell people to help and develop them.....

Please put away the negative thinking and be fair because where ever the school is situated the teacher will still be a teacher. Stop talking about the bad things in rural area because not all the teachers in rural area taking advantage by not performing well in the school. Maybe the feeling of love and owning it make me feel to write this down...hahaha... so to all the teachers that work hard and give lots of efforts, lets move forward and develop some more to make things better.

I feel so lucky to experience this situation and this feelings. Who knows in the future I can help. Who knows in the future my friends will be somebody that is imporatnt in education so that I can talk to him. Who knows in the future my small voice and small opinion will be heard by important people so that action will be taken. Who knows.... So, I feel so lucky! ;)

p/s: It's just my opinion and my feeling at the moment... I hope it's fine ;) Sorry!

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