Thursday, April 21, 2011

talking to myself... :P

Sometimes things get too tough and so difficult to handle. It maybe looks smooth to others but deep in my heart I feel a bit difficult to face and do some works plus deal with personal problems.

I know this is normal things for human being: problems come and go! Sometimes we even create the problems by our ownself and that is much more complicated! haha... Especially about the problems that you, yourself the only one who knows it and others cannot see it like the confidence about your look - although it simple to some people but maybe not to some others ;)

I just can't stop my mind to stop thinking for a while...haha... sound like so busy thinking but it is true. There will be something keep come and go and come and go in my head. I know it is in anyone head too but let me just tell it because you don't want to tell it! haha... OMG! What am I writing here! So crazy! Wether I will think about what to do to the class tomorrow up to think about what is my future dream! Plus also imagine and day dream and sometimes rewind the things that already happened before! so distracting sometimes but sometimes I enjoy it! Celebrate myself! haha

Even I feel so weak to handle some problems life is still a life!.... That just prove that I am not a perfect human being! I have lots of weaknesses and no matter how much I tried and tried and stand up after fall, I still bring lots of inperfect in me :) Again, celebrate the weaknesses! maybe weakness make me strong and make you even stronger than me! :D because when we realize the the wekness thats mean apart of our mind will think how to handle it and that is a good start!

p/s: just want to finish this week and drive back home.....

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