Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What with the bottles?

One of my habit that I am not really sure it is good or not is keeping containers. Whether it is the water containers like mineral water bottles or the perfume containers, I will find it is so difficult for me to throw it away! haha... It is not really good because I do not really have place to keep all this containers and it will make my room a bit messy but it is sometimes good because I can recycle it! hahaha

So, this week after I have a lot of mineral water bottles, I decided to make use of it in my year 1 class. After think and think and think (sound like a lot of thinking), I decided to use it to teach numbers and these bottles will turn into helpful materials I wish.

I brought 5 empty bottles to the class and also printed out numbers and small rectagles according to the papers (11 - 15). I divided the pupils into 5 groups and give one bottle for each of the group. Their work for today is decorating the bottles!

It was so awesome to watch these pupils working together to cut and paste the colourful papers and decorating the bottles. I am so happy and keep smiling to see how they react and working together to complete their bottles.

After the pupils finished pasting and decorating the bottles with numbers, small rectangles and also ribbons I let the group that finish go outside to find some stones according to the number that they pasted on the bottle. They will come back to class and I will check it first whether it is correct or not before I let them enter the class again! it makes the activity become more exciting!

All the groups manage to finish decorating the bottles and find the stones according to the numbers. We placed the bottles in a corner in the class so that it will be available for anyone to play with it ;)

Before I end up the class, I called some pupils to arrange the bottles according to the numbers so that it will be in ascending orders. I have intention to give a bit of idea to the pupils to play with the bottles when I'm not in the class ;)

p/s: It's fine for them to think whatever they want to think because at the end, you the one will know yourself better! :D Chill!

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