Friday, April 22, 2011

it's just number 2

I should already driving back to hometown by now, but because something interesting just happened in the year 1 class today make me decided to write it first before start the journey back to my family.

I just have half an hour class with year 1 today. So, I decided to give them some exercises to improve their writing the numbers. As usual, it was great for the advanced learners but a bit problems for some slow learners. It just normal day.

While I was busy marking, checking and helping some girls, suddenly a boy, with curly hair and a bit dark skin and cute smile, named Nasrullah came to see me with his exercise book! With so much confidence in his eyes, a strong smile on his face and his nose was pumping up and down he told me he already finished writing numbers from 11 to 15.

I was a bit surprised with him because before this he always find it difficult to do writing work and always write the numbers upside down. Without so much expectation, I looked his work and suddenly he can write 12 (the problem always appear on writing number 2) corrctly! Oh Nasrullah! What a surprised! Since January until last week I still can remember how it was so difficult to help him to write number 2. I hold his hand and write together with him a few times and then when I let he write it on his own, his number 2 will turn upside down. It was like everytime I entered the class I need to repeat doing the same thing with him and he still struggles a lot.

But today it was different! His number 2 is correctly written! What a great thing to see. I asked him to write down for me to make sure he wrote it down himself and yepppp! he can do it now!!!! Yay! Lets celebrate it!!! Congratulation Nasrullah! It takes time for him but it is now officially he can write number 2!!!!! haha...Im just so excited about it.

However, his writing for others numbers like 3, 5, 7 and 9 still having problems. So, after this I know we can move on to other numbers and focus on it. It will be fine although he will take a lot of time.... yay! Last nite was a bit sad night for me and today Nasrullah made my day... thank you...

p/s: Ok, now I feel relieved to drive home ! hahaha

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  1. Congrat Apis. Don't give up. Hope he can write and spell as the others soon.


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