Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Traditional game + Mathematics = fun, fun, learn, learn!

Nenek, nenek si bongkok tiga
Siang mengantuk malam berjaga
Mencari cucu di mana ada
Nenek ku kahwin dengan anak raja

What a great time i have with my Year 1 class today. We played a traditional game that I left for a very very long time. I really miss to play this game. I don't know if u remember it... And I am also not really sure the name of it but I can remember in my childhood day playing the game with my friends... "Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga"

How to play the game? Ok...let me describe it in my own words...haha... I hope that people can understand it. First you need to know the song because it is important part to play this game. Then, one person will be blind folded and the the others will make a circle around the blind folded person. They will sing the song and move along the circle until the song finish. After the song finish, they will run away from the blind folded person. The task for the blind folded person is to find any friends to replace his role later. Once he get to touch someone, he needs to guess the person's name correctly. I love this game so much!
To make the game relevant to my teaching and learning of mathematics, I do some changes. First, I teach the pupils to sing the song for like 10 minutes. They did not really know this song and maybe the game too. Not really sure. Then, I pasted number cards to all of the pupils at their back.
We went out to the field to have open space. The pupils made a circle and then two pupils have been chosen to blind folded. I just used my tie to cover their eyes. I forgot to buy any ribbons to use, so suddenly I just got idea to use my ties...haha...luckily I have lots of ties, so I don't mind to use it in this game.
The pupils sang the song until finish. The two pupils walked to find their friends. Once they touch their friends, they will open their eyes, check the number that their friend has at the back and then say it out loud. If they say the number correctly, they will change the role but if it's wrong, they will need to continue to be the blind folded person. To give some help for the pupils, I not only write numbers on the card that I pasted on the back of the pupils, but also draw small circle according to the number written on the card to let the pupils count it if they not sure what the numbers is.
I have a great time conducting the game with the pupils. I really miss the game. haha... So, it's fine to me that I cannot play it, because to see the pupils play it and have fun with it has made my day!

p/s: I am just a usual teacher...a normal human being. Accept the strengths and accept the weaknesses... Let's learn from everthing that happen to u. ;)


  1. nenek nenek si bongkok tiga...hehe

  2. Great Job Hafiz! It is so wonderful that you are using traditional game to teach Math!


Superb! ;)