Monday, February 07, 2011

It's always difficult...

I should write this enty yesterday but because I arrived at my rent house quite late in the night, I feel lazy plus tired to write anything. Oh...the traffic was so busy. Everybody were busy going back to their work place just like me I think. But, my time during the traffic jam was quite good...I have lots of time to be alone in the car - singing, dancing, crying, laughing, reflecting, shouting and many more (just like a crazy guy) hahaha...but it's great!

What is the thing that always difficult? is just about the difficulties to start the engine and then start the journey back from my mom and dad house in Alor Setar to my rent house in Sungai Siput! It really difficult! hahaha... Everytime I told my mom I want to go back early the day before, I will always finished out started my journey quite late. I will find as many excuses to do as I can to make things become late... haha..sometimes when I already in the car, I will just go around Alor Setar doing nothing and then when I already bored with it, I go ahead to the highway... so difficult! hahaha...

However, I love being in home. It makes me feel so comfortable, very relax and also very lazy...haha.... Maybe that is why it is so difficult to start the journey back to Sungai Siput... Once the journey start, I will be fine and great again :) what a life! Love u home! :P

p/s: start to plan for a trip :D yay!

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