Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Just think I should share :P

This few days I was quite busy....a lot of things need to do but it's fine for me as long as I like to do it. hahaha... it will be a problem for me if the things that I'm busy is about something that I don't like to do...of course it will give a bit pressure to me...hehehe... Oh, after a few busy things in school and life, 4 days of school holidays will come soon. What a great news!

Ok, stop talking about the busy things that not really busy actually (what am I talking here)...haha...I feel like I want to share an activity that I done with my Year 1 pupils. I always enjoy myself everytime I entered this class. i don't know why but I think I really love to teach small kids at this age.

A day before I enter the Year 1 class, I saw a bag full with small beautiful colourful balls beside my table. So, suddenly I got an idea to use the balls in my class to play with the kids a simple counting game.

The game is easy to handle. You just need ten balls, a basket and the numbers flash card from 0 to 10. I believe that this game is always done in class but I just want to share it here. Don't care! :P So one pupils will need to throw the balls into the basket as many as he can from the 10 balls that given to him. Then, he will count the balls from the basket and then go find the number in numerical form from the number cards.
It looks easy and simple but it is fun. Especially when you let the other pupils to cheer up when the pupil that you choose to throw the ball start the game. To create some more fun, you asked all the pupils to follow the chosen pupil to count the ball!
I have so much fun laughing and smiling to see the actions from my young pupils in year 1. I hope they learn something from it...
p/s: I'm busy preparing my wings...and then dream to fly...who knows one day I will fly :D hehe

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