Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Numbers Circuit Training

I have a really good time with my year 1 pupils this week. They still learning numbers from 1 to 10. I focus on writing how to spell the numbers this week. I prepared an active activity that will involve everyone in the class. I called it as "Number Circuit Training".

It does not take a lot of effort and materials to do this activity but it will create an active surroundings in the classroom. I need a plain paper and write ot the way to spell the numbers in the middle of the paper. One number will be written on one plain paper. So, to write from 1 to 10 you will need 10 papers.

Then, as my pupils did not have colour pencils, I brought with me the colour pencils to give to them to use at the moment. I grouped my pupils into 10 groups. I put the paper that I have write the number before in 10 stations and also placed the pupils in each tables. I blow the wisel and the pupils started to write down the numbers on the papers. I encouraged them to write as much as they can in some period of time before i blow the wisel again. After like 2 to 3 minutes, I blow the wisel again and then the pupils change the place and the have the chance to go and write another numbers.

For me, by doing this activity, I can get a picture of the ability of my pupils on their writing skills. I found that some of my pupils (about 5 of them) are very good in writing the numbers. I think it is beacsue these kids were in pre school last year.

However, there are still some pupils struggle a lot to copy and write the numbers. I need to hold their hand and help them to hold the pencil and move the hand to make the letter. It is good for me to know this because it will help me later.

The best part was to see all the pupils were so excited to try doing the activity and write down on the paper. I have fun and of course my pupils too. I pasted the work on the wall after the activity finish. I save my time to do or buy poster to make this class full with displays. ;)

p/s: A long week...but it's already end :)

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