Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I'm sorry :D

I don't know why but tonight I just want to say I'm many things....

For writing this blog in English that always come along with lots of mistakes in grammar or vocabulary or typing errors... I always lazy to edit my entries after I wrote down something...huhu...I know I need to change it, but when I'm excited to write I'm not excited to edit! just want to post it and sleep...haha

For some of my work that not so good and perfect. I love teaching but other things some time make me feel difficult to do... I love planning things but everything always just in my mind.... I don't like to documenting it in file...haha. I know I need to change this too.

For not fullfilling people's expectation. I'm sorry. I'm not superman yet batman. Just a normal usual guy try his level best in considering everyone and everything around him. Maybe sometimes annoying and sometimes too excited about everything!

For any behaviours that hurt people around me. I don't mean it. It just me. I do what I like and I try to consider others. But always happened to be that something wrong to some people...I'm sorry! :D

sorry! sorry! sorry! I hope it's normal! hahah

p/s: Better grows like a tree...slow and takes time but when its mature it will be strong rather than grows like the grass it grows faster but its easy to be break...

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  1. What happen Hafiz? Why are you saying sorry? You have done a great job in keeping this blog! If someone has commented on your language, just ignore him or her! The contents of your blog are 10000000 times more important and significant than you language! Keep up your good job!