Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it hard work? or is it lucky?

Have you ever think about this? hm..about things that happened in your life... Is it happened because of your hard work( I mean work as good as you can) or is it just because you are lucky?

Hard work means that you put your effort in doing the job. You give as much as you can and focus towards the successful, while lucky means the good things that happen to you when you never expected it will happen.

For me, hard work is a concrete thing that you can rely on it. It means that when you give your commitment you can expect a good result and be lucky. But you cannot just rely on being lucky by not doing anything and hope that you get a good result in everything that you do in your life. If you just depend on being lucky in life, you never give much effort towards everything that you do.

Hard work does not mean you need to work like 24 hours a day. Just work as usual as it should be but with focus, aims and commitment. It does not mean you need to let anything else go and just do your work. It does not mean that you need to forget your family, forget your friends, foods and sleep! As long as you enjoying doing your work, it's enough!

What I want to tell here? hahaha...just want to feel better thinking about this both things. I just want to throw out my idea so that it not just stay in my mind. Better out that in.... Lets try to work hard and get lucky rather than not doing anything and then hope for the great things happen to you!
p/s: I'm planning to put new thing in this blog so that will be more life through my eyes... hahaha ;)

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  1. yup..dont just do nothing and hope lucky will be come to what u give (effort) insyaallah..u will get back..



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