Friday, January 14, 2011

play with music instruments

I think the class with my year 1 today is so nice. We used the music instruments to count from 1 to 10. although the activity was so simple, but we all enjoy it a lot (teacher enjoys it, pupils enjoy it too).
I'm not good in playing all of that instruments but I just want to create a new learning experience for these kids. Most of all, this is not the class music but it was a mathematics class. So, how the sound we made is not really important as long as the learning objective is achieved.
At the first time, I showed the pupils how to play the instruments while they were singing a song about counting their fingers (in previous entry). After that I let my pupils to play the instruments and then the rest will sing the song. I used 6 instruments to make more pupils can play the i nstruments. They also take turn. It was so great!
While we were singing, I focused to the pronounciation of the numbers and most of the pupils do not have problems to say them correctly. The things that makes e happy was when I saw the shy pupils also take part willingly and smiling while doing the activity. What a great time!
p/s: of course I will use it again next time :D


  1. seronoknya dah jadi cikgu. :)
    tahun ni tahun petama saya praktikal.wish me luck :)

  2. Lynn BhaniaJanuary 22, 2011

    Music reaches the parts of your brain that simple words can't do. I bet you can remember the words of all the latest ( or even those from your childhood) pop songs on the radio - but who remembers all the stuff they had to learn for their exams?
    Singing makes you smile, creates endorphins in your brain to make you feel good and is a group activity which builds a learning community. All the best schools are singing schools. We have a website in England call Sing Up (
    which has hundreds of great songs to use in school. If music be the food of love -Play on !

  3. is good approach to teach kids.especially when we teach English..they can enjoy singing it first without understanding the the way,it helps them to articulate well.this monday,i'm going to teach musical instruments for listening n speaking in English subject.hopefully,it will be a great lesson too...wish me luck,k!:)


Superb! ;)