Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miss u Miss me :P

I was so busy giving advise and talked to year 6 pupils regarding their attitude towards the UPSR examination. I really want them to be serious with the study because I want to see a good achievement for them in all the subjects. While I was busy talking and talking (berleter is in BM) hahaha, suddenly I saw some pupils was running not really far from my class. They keep running here and there and sometimes I saw them hiding behind the fance.

Oh, it was Shamshira the year one girl and her friend. They were trying to see what ahppening in the pre-school. I bet they miss the pre-school so much. Must be they have a lot of fun there last year. So cute! I just smiling when I saw that happened. It just happened to the year 1 last year 2 which I did not teach this year. Miss to teach them. :D
p/s: I feel a huge reflief after say "NO"

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