Tuesday, November 09, 2010

SK Kampung Kenang Family Day :)

Yesterday, one of my friend asked to see my camera. He wanted to look at the pictures that I had captured. I gave my camera to him then. After a while looking at the pictures, suddenly he talked about the pictures of our Family Day celebration! Oh, suddenly I realized that I forgot to make a reflection about that celebration. Thanks to him because accidentally reminded me! haha...
Yeah, on 30th and 31st of October, we all gather at Teluk Senangin. Some of the teachers and staff brought their family together. We had done some activities together like doing barbecue, karaoke and play mini games. We had have some fun and happy time together.

I really like to be at the seaside especially when its night. The feel is so great with the wind and the scenery of the sky and the ocean. I can stay staring at the sky and the ocean doing nothing for hours. I love it! hahaha

Went together and have the happy time together doing the activities was one thing. The other part of it that ,ore important is that it strengthen our relationship. We can know each other better and this can give a huge impact to our relationship. Especially we work in the same roof, its better for us to feel comfortable to each other. When all of us feel comfortable, it will lead to the good quality of work. I hope this type of programme will be continue in the future.

p/s: Its amazing to see the nature!

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