Friday, November 05, 2010

exchange the knowledge and experiences with others

I had attended a short course a few days ago (2 - 4 November 2010). The course was specially made for all year 1 mathematics teachers, year 1 Malay language teachers, remedial class teachers and the headteachers that teach in Orang Asli school in Perak. So, there were 28 schools involved altogether. The main objective is to give input about the teaching methods that can be use to help the orang asli pupils in the school later and also to see the impact of LINUS programme after a year.

It was so great to learn some techniques in teaching the year 1 pupils. They had given us lots of ways that can be apply in our class. The singing way of teaching had really attract me to try in the class later especially when Mathematics will be teach in Malay language again. It will be easier for me to create my own mathematics song by using the familiar song that my pupils know. To have the chance to see and hear what they do to their class was a great input that I can take and try in my class later. (I am sure I will use it next year as I already get some ideas about songs to use in teaching numbers)

I know that they tried to help us with lots of ways of teaching the children. But I believed that the people that are in the situation know more than the people that just observed. But I really appreciate the seminar and love the input that they give to us. It helps me a lot and open my minds on lots of creative ideas.

However the best part of this course was when I have the chance to meet with the other teachers that teach in the orang asli school. We have a lot of commons with the problems that we face in teaching and also the great things that we get when teach in orang asli school. I really feel thankful to get the chance to teach in SK Kampung Kenang when I compared to some other schools. They have lots more difficulties than me especially on the way to go to the school. Some of them have to travel by boat and walk for hours to arrive to the school. That is so challenging!

We need to open our mind. if we just stay in our school, we maybe not get enough information. We may think that our school is the best or the worst. We may think that we had experience the most difficult things in teaching. But when we go and meet with others, we can hear lots more things that we never think would happened to anyone.

I came back from the course with lots more input about teaching the orang asli children and about self - motivation too. I believed that as a teacher, we always need to brush up our mind and thinking by attending this type of course that can help us to share our ideas with others, listen to others opinions and also do critical thinking. The more we think the more we use our brain the more great ideas can be develop!

p/s: I got a shocked news from BPG! A visit from them? Let just wait and see :)

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  1. good luck dude...i am attending a short course too right now..for the LINUS year two.. d^_^b