Monday, November 15, 2010

Mathematics Tools Kit for School Holidays (Year 5)

School holidays are just around the corner. I know that I need to prepare some activities for my pupils to do during their holidays. As you know, these Temiar pupils are special. They did not have any other support in learning mathematics instead of what they get from the school. So, I need to take actions as fast as lightning to make sure that they have some benefits activities to do while enjoying their school holidays.

When I was studying my degree before, we need to prepare a kit that called as teacher's tools kit. It is a kit that contains some important aspects to be an effective teachers. Taking the idea and change it a bit to suit in the school, I had prepared something similar for my pupils that I called as "Mathematics Tools Kit for School Holidays". I do not know if this name is suitable or not for this materials but let me describe a bit about this mathematics tools kit.

I had prepared a set of mathematics questions in the kit. The questions are in various topics that they had learn in Year 5. I had choose the questions carefully to put in this kit because I do not want to burden the pupils when they in home. So, the questions are simple and basic but cover all the topics in Year 5.

I had put a fixed date for every exercises. it started from 20th November and end at 31st December 2010. I have my own reason to do this. I want my pupils to do different types of questions each day. I want them to not only good at certain topics but I want them to go through all the topics that they should know. In the end of the exercise paper, I put a small picture. when the pupils finish doing the exercises, they have to colour the picture, cut it out and paste it on the calendar that I had provided in the kit. i believed that this is another interesting activities that the pupils like to do. More than that,its also can give me advantage later. I do not have to check the pupils on which exercise they cannot do but I just need to check their calendar. When the calendar is missing with the picture, that mean they have problems in solving the specific questions.
On the top of each exercises given, I had wrote down some important points that the pupils need to remember when they want to answer the question. I also give examples for them to remind them again on what to do when they encounter the question. When they get back to home, they will not have enough help, so I hope my note that I put there can guide them to remember and reflect what they learn in class before.

It will take some time to prepare this kit. I take about 3 days to make sure its complete and satisfy. To make sure they will not have problems with stationery I also put pencil, eraser, glue and scissors in the kit. luckily my school have provided the pupils with all the materials. so, I just take it from the store and put it in the Mathematics Tools Kit.

I had given the Mathematics Tools Kit to my pupils. earlier than I expected to give because I will not have time to meet them later because I had to attend to a seminar in Kuala Kangsar. I had give them explanations and hope that they really do it in home later. Still I need to remember not to expect much from them but as long as I had provided them with something useful to do this holidays, I really glad. let just hope the best and I will meet with them next year in Year 6! Good luck guys!

p/s: I feel happy with my 1st year of teaching. Too many unexpected things happened! :) Thank you so muchhhhhh!


  1. congrate dude!such a good effort from you!

  2. Activities with family, surely fun, exercise would be better if the kids need some burning in their fats.
    Activities during School Holidays

  3. Cikgu Apis, I don't know how far the pupils have responded to this project but this effort of yours I really love!You may share with me via fb: kindly find Nura Meruda. Thanks.


Superb! ;)