Sunday, October 17, 2010

Turn to something interesting :)

I always emphasized my pupils in year 3 and year 5 to remember the multiplication table from multiplication of 2 up to the multiplication of 9. I believed that all mathematics teacher know how important multiplication are for the pupils. It is important for the pupils to know the basic concept of multiplication but if they can remember it, that will give an easy way for them to tackle lots of mathematical problems.

So, started in March (for year 5) and July (for year 3), I begin to let the pupils read the multiplication from the book before started my lesson. Yeah, I just let them to read it every time I enter their class. I don't want to expect a huge thing from them so, I just let them read the multiplication loudly together. My aim is just to let them be familiar with the number that always appeared in multiplication. I believed that repetition have its own power where one day, i will see the impact.

My Temiar pupils are also special. they did not bring any boom back (most of them) and did not really get support in learning when they get back home. so, without choice, school will be the only place that they learn something formal like Mathematics. So, I need to use my time properly to make sure that it will help them.

Back to main topic discuss, I let the pupils read the multiplication. For 2 weeks, its just fine for them to read the multiplication. But after that, I can see that they change. They do not really like to read it anymore and found it was a boring thing to do. yeah, I admit it that it was no fun to read the multiplication again and again each day. iI really need to do some changes.

Then, I got an idea to put action while reading the multiplication. They still read the multiplication but they will also do some action. It turn to be fun! (that what I observe). I asked them to read while move their legs, I let them read while clap their chest and sometimes I just do some exercises that I learn during my degree before too. The pupils started to love to read the multiplication after that. Especially when I tried to make new movements every time I entered the class. It was difficult to think new movement but because I like to watch their happy face reading the multiplication, the difficult part just fade away from my mind! hahaha

I hope that one day they will get the multiplication and can use it in the future. I do not know whether it is good to let them memorized it but I found that when i was in primary school before, memorized the multiplication helps me a lot!

p/s: one more week before final examination! Lets prepare gun, swords and everything! It's a war! haha

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